Obscura 2

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Obscura brings the kind of controls you’d expect from a professional DSLR to your iPhone. Designed with intuitive controls, ergonomic design and beautiful filters Obscura is the camera that gets out of your way.

Despite its simplicity, it’s deceptively powerful.

Designed for your hands

Control Wheel

Obscura’s innovative Control Wheel allows you to easily scroll between different camera options. It’s comfortable and ergonomic, in both portrait and landscape, for lefties and righties.

Powerful Library Tools

Obscura’s library lets you see your full photo library, as well as open specific albums. Not only can you browse your photos, you can edit, fav, delete and even view image metadata.

Quick Adjustments

The control wheel lets you quickly and easily adjust focus, exposure compensation, ISO and shutter speed.

Format follows function

RAW images capture more details and allow for a greater amount of flexibility when editing.
Live Photos combine high resolution photos with video clips that bring your images to life.
Capturing depth data allows you to apply exciting portrait mode effects and more.
heic is an image format that uses advanced compression for high quality files at smaller sizes.
You can never really go wrong with jpeg, can you? It just works everywhere.

Features Galore


Get all the details you need about the images in your library.


Apply filters to photos taken with Obscura or other, lesser apps.


Obscura has oodles of options so you can make it your own.


Feel every adjustment as though you’re holding a physical camera.

Focus Peaking

Highlight what’s in focus to help you get the perfect shot.

Shutter Timer

Take group photos, selfies, and stabilise your shots.


Access Obscura quickly from the lockscreen.


Compose your photographs to make them frame-worthy.

Spirit Level

Get straight horizons or perfectly level brunch photos.


It’s easy to favourite and batch-delete photos.

Obscura is an independent app designed and built by Ben Rice McCarthy with help from Adam K. Schmidt and Sara Lovic.

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